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The Last Days on Mars

Glauco Silvestri
We are in an unspecified future time. A mission to Mars is about to end, 19 hours to the return on the Aurora, the spaceship that will bring the crew at home. Six months of work on a far planet, and no useful results. The Astronauts were looking for life forms, water, whatever. But none of this has been revealed to them. But something changes, right a few hours before to leave. In the laboratory, one of the scientists has found something... but he prefere to not reveal it to the others. He wants the glory just for himself. So... obtained from the Head of Mission the permission to a last EVA, he runs on his excavation site. But lucky is not on his side. It happen to happen an accident. A chasm opens right under the feet of the scientist and he is swallowed into the abyss in a few seconds.
Noticed the accident, the entire crew decided to recover the body, so as to bring it back to relatives on Earth, but ... on the bottom of the crevasse there is no body. They find footprints directed toward the base ... Is it possible that the scientist is still alive, and in the time necessary to organize the relief of the body, he has recovered himself and has decided to walk back alone to the base?

I don't want to reveal more on this The Last Days on Mars, the plot - you have it figured out by yourself - is not very different from what it has already been said about Europe Report of Apollo 18. it appear obvious that the plot is pretty similar to Europe Report, only the setting is changed ... Instead of being on a satellite of Jupiter, here we are on Mars. So I'm afraid to say that in this movie there is nothing new. If  I can do a sort of spoiler, the idea of ​​micro-organism that infects the astronauts is not bad, but was it really necessary that this contamination would transform men into zombies? (end of spoiler)
The acting is well done, the special effects and the ambience are good. The characters, however, are cut with a knife. There is the astronaut 'hero' with an existential pain that hampers his personality; a cute astronaut girl who acts as a "psychological nurse" to the hero; there is also the fearful astronaut; there is the scientist cold and impassive; the one longing for glory at any cost; the wise Captain; and last but not the least, the predestined technician ... which obviously becomes the first victim.

Well... it's almost evitable, except for the lovers of sci-fi like me, that get a short circuit any time they see a spaceship or something similar.

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Glauco Silvestri / Author & Editor

Vivo a Bologna. Vivo per le mie passioni. Scrivo, leggo, amo camminare. Adoro il cinema, amo tantissimo le montagne. Sono cresciuto a suon di cartoni di Go Nagai e Miyazaki.
Mi guadagno da vivere grazie all'elettronica. Lavoro nella domotica, e nell'illuminazione d'emergenza, per una grossa azienda italiana. Ci occupiamo di sicurezza, salute, emergenza... ma anche di energia pulita. Il mio sogno sarebbe vivere grazie ai miei libri, ai miei disegni, alle mie fotografie... Ma onestamente, suppongo di essere più bravo nel mio attuale lavoro. Ciò non significa che io rinunci a provare, tutt'altro, faccio di tutto per migliorare, crescere, ottenere il meglio che posso nei miei lavori, che siano racconti, digital painting, fotografie...
Ovviamente, oltre a ciò, sono anche un blogger, ma se state leggendo questa breve nota, vuol dire che già lo sapete.

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