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Apollo 18

Glauco Silvestri
Made as a fake documentary, Apollo 18 is based on a NASA mission that was supposed to start in 1974 but it was canceled so to end the American Moon program.
In the movie, the U.S. Department of Defense get contact with NASA and the crew of the Apollo 18 mission, to authorize the launch, but with the price of being a secret mission, with a changed purpose, so to bring on the Moon military devices capable to detect the launch of intercontinental missiles from Russia (we have to remember that in 1974 there was the Cold War between the U.S. and USSR) .
Once on the lunar surface, however, things do not get as planned. During an EVA mission, the astronauts found a Soviet vehicle landed on the Moon. The vehicle was working, but it was covered of blood... and not any hint of Russian cosmonauts all around it.
Get alarmed from what they have found, the crew get back to their LEM, and warned Houston of what it happened. While the military authorities overlook the fact, however, the two astronauts feel restless. Strange things started to happen around their spaceship. The Flag disappear after a night of sleep, and the Rover is overturned... The investigations of the astronauts reveal an alien life form, which - of course - start to attack the american crew.

The movie is really well made, well acted, and has a significant charge of adrenaline situations. It deserves to be seen much more than other commercial products that triumphed at the box office. The regret, I may tell you, is that this kind of movie will always end up to be a horror plot. I suppose, in a sort of way, that it depends on the deserved success of Alien but ... Is it really impossible to have a sci-fi movie without monsters or... aliens killers?
But don't mind my complaining... I liked so much this movie. I think that Apollo 18, like also Europa Report, is much more a better movie than the acclaimed Gravity.

You Must see it!

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