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Europa Report

Glauco Silvestri
I've seen Europa Report yesterday evening. I knew about it thanks to the web, because of the coming out of Gravity at the cinema, and the evident comparison between this two movies I found on many blog fiction fans.

Well the approatch to the space travel, on this movie, is much different from what Gravity show us. It's presented to the watchers like a documentary about a space mission gone wrong. It start in 2011, when NASA discovered an increase of temperature on some points of the surface of Europe, a satellite of Jupiter. Probes sent there reported the presence of fluid water, and a high probability to find some form of life.
So... It was build up a human mission out there, 19 month far from Earth, to have a phisical look at that moon, and also restart the human run for space. Six astronauts, four men and two women, left from Earth full of enthusiasm but... in the middle of the mission a powerful Sun flare makes knockout al comunication systems. In the EVA mission for repairing the "radio" one astronaut get lost in space... and this will be a sort of carrier of bad omens for the mission. But none of the crew want to get back on Earth... They have a goal to reach, and Jupiter is just out there to be discovered and touched for the first time.

I liked so much this movie. It's really well made, full of pathos, and despite the special effects are not equal to those offered by Gravity, it appear much more credible than the second one. It's obvious that here too it is easy to find "mistakes" in rispect of physics and travel spaces, but... here we have a true plot, a story to tell, and not just a misadventure. That's why I prefere Europa Report to Gravity. I liked also the acting of al characters... Actors did their best, I'm sure of it. It's a pity that this movie was distributed only in USA. It's a great movie to watch to all sci-fi lovers.

Have a look at both sites dedicated to the movie: the Official Web Site, and the Viral Web Site

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