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Rain Song

Glauco Silvestri
Rain Song is the first book of 'Heart of Carolina' series. Nicole Michelin lives in North Carolina, but she's from Japan, where her parents were missionaries. She has not memories about her time spent abroad; she was child, and just she knows that she left Japan with her father after the mother died in a fire. She was a little child when it happened and her parents never had the courage to tell what really happened the night the mother died. 
Now Nicole is thirty, she teach english, and also collaborates with a fish blog (because of her passion for fishes). She also is helping her granny Ducee at the annual family reunion. 
One day she received a mail from a reader of the fish blog. The author of the mail was asking about some problems with its breeding of carps koi. He was Harrison Michaels... and well, she discovered that he was a friend of her when she was a child and still was living in Japan. At first she attempts to avoid him, but his e-mails tug at her hearts, expecially when she discovered that Harrison knows more about her childhood then she does...

I liked so much this book. I've read it in english (that's why this review is in english), and I've had really no problem on it. The language is elegant, easy, and an absolute pleasure to read and absorb. It's, in a sort of way, a simple story, full of daily happening that could happens in our life too. The characters described on this book are so true, natural, well painted, that it is possible to immagine to go to Mount Olive and have a piece of pineapple chutney together Nicole's family. I loved it. Maybe she jump from present tense and past tense really often... I'm not so good at english to complain about it, but it could be uncomfortable for someone.
The bad, very bad thing is... that the book don't have a true end. It stops in the middle of Nicole's visit to Japan, I don't liked it so much, but... right here are avaiable the other books from the same series.

About the Author

Glauco Silvestri / Author & Editor

Vivo a Bologna. Vivo per le mie passioni. Scrivo, leggo, amo camminare. Adoro il cinema, amo tantissimo le montagne. Sono cresciuto a suon di cartoni di Go Nagai e Miyazaki.
Mi guadagno da vivere grazie all'elettronica. Lavoro nella domotica, e nell'illuminazione d'emergenza, per una grossa azienda italiana. Ci occupiamo di sicurezza, salute, emergenza... ma anche di energia pulita. Il mio sogno sarebbe vivere grazie ai miei libri, ai miei disegni, alle mie fotografie... Ma onestamente, suppongo di essere più bravo nel mio attuale lavoro. Ciò non significa che io rinunci a provare, tutt'altro, faccio di tutto per migliorare, crescere, ottenere il meglio che posso nei miei lavori, che siano racconti, digital painting, fotografie...
Ovviamente, oltre a ciò, sono anche un blogger, ma se state leggendo questa breve nota, vuol dire che già lo sapete.

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