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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Glauco Silvestri
In My Big Fat Greek Wedding* we meet Toula Portokalos. She's thirty years old. She's Greek and works in the family restaurant in Chicago, the "Dancing Zorba." All that his father Gus wants for her is to marry a nice guy greek, but she aspires to something more in her life... Shs's still single, she wear unfashionable clothes, maybe she don't really know what she really want in life. His mother persuaded her father to let her attend a computer course and, start to work at her aunt's travel agency. This situation makes Toula meet Ian Miller, an English teacer in high school. The two have been dating secretly until the family of Toula discovers everything and... started to complain dramatically.

I love this movie. It contains all the stereotypes on the Greek population, but still it never seems offensive to these people. It 's funny the behavior of the father of Toula: as when he cleans everything with a spray cleaner, including wounds; or when he tries to explain a word that derives from the greek. Toula is very funny too. She's not ugly, but she appers to others like she is. She's smart too, but so shy to not show her capabilities. This make her chained to greek traditions by her big boisterous family. At the matter of the fact, the movie shows the growing up of a girl never become a woman. It's a great feat for her and I suppose this is the real ingredient that make gourgeous the movie.

You get fun from this movie, and at the same time you get touched by it. It also has the great message coming from the closeness that all members of her family transmit. It's like a warm embrace. I liked it so much. And I think you must see this movie.

* I wrote this review in english because I saw this movie in this language.

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