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Glauco Silvestri
Solaris* is a movie with gentle pace; it's thoughtful; it's evocative. It's caught on the original novel by Stanislaw Lem. It's a movie that needs concentration, and desire to project themselves in a world outside of the rational we're used to.
It's also a great remake of the 1972 movie, where Clooney is shown in a whole new role respect to the usual characters we see him normally. He plays the role of a psychologist (Chris Kelvin) mandated to reach the space station Prometheus to investigate on its sudden loss of contact with the planet Earth.
When he came on board, he discovers that the commander of the station - his old friend - committed suicide, and that all other scientists that are survivors themselves are succumbing to the mysteries of Solaris, a particular cosmic phenomenon that the Earth wants to study to see if it can be used to get cheap energy from it.
The influence of Solaris, however, undermines the psychologist , that after the first night spent on the space station, is facing his own ghosts of the past, inexplicably materialized in his room. This will force him to deal with his conscience, his memory, his own desires and fears.

The film is driven by a metronome that beats time slowly. Soderbergh and Cameron does not fail to paint the peculiar situation by exploiting the characters inner voids compared to the deep space. The strange natural phenomena that appear out of the orbiting station is an heavy presence. Characters are skilled in proposing dialogue with gestures and emotions that the human mind tends to attenuate to listen to the instinct of survival. All the cast offers the best of themselves in the interpretation of roles, and to paint a true portrait of the soul in motion.
Do not expect heart-pounding scenes, and even do not expect cold chills... and also do not expect explosions and special effects that today all action science fiction movies offer us (often misplaced). This movie offers a spiritual journey. As the plot is intense and not without moments of terror or panic, there is a delicacy on the back, a absolute reflexivity, a sort of survey of more planes of existence. For those who are expecting something much more "active", it could take the boredom. But in its genre is a movie that must not have to be underestimated.

* I wrote this review in english because I saw this movie in this language.

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Ovviamente, oltre a ciò, sono anche un blogger, ma se state leggendo questa breve nota, vuol dire che già lo sapete.

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